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Topics: DNA, Gene, Cell nucleus Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 19: Eukaryotic Genomes: Organization, Regulation, and Evolution Chapter Questions Under the electron microscope, unfolded chromatin resembles "beads on a string." What do the "beads" represent? A) nucleosomes B) ribosomes C) beadosomes D) molecules of DNA polymerase E) molecules of RNA polymerase Answer: A Topic: Concept 19.1 Skill: Knowledge In a nucleosome, what is the DNA wrapped around? A) polymerase molecules B) ribosomes C) mRNA D) histones E) nucleolus protein Answer: D Topic: Concept 19.1 Skill: Knowledge Which of the following statements concerning the eukaryotic chromosome is false? A) It is composed of DNA and protein. B) The nucleosome is the most basic structural subunit. C) The number of genes on each chromosome is different in different cell types. D) It consists of a single linear molecule of double-stranded DNA. E) Active transcription occurs on euchromatin. Answer: C Topic: Concept 19.1 Skill: Comprehension If a cell were unable to produce histone proteins, which of the following would be expected to occur? A) There would be an increase in the amount of "satellite" DNA produced during centrifugation. B) The cell's DNA couldn't be packed into its nucleus. C) Spindle fibers would not form during prophase. D) Amplification of other genes would compensate for the lack of histones. E) Pseudogenes would be transcribed to compensate for the decreased protein in the cell. Answer: B Topic: Concept 19.1 Skill: Comprehension Which of the following statements about histones is incorrect? A) Each nucleosome consists of two molecules, each of four types of histone. B) Histone H1 is not present in the nucleosome bead; instead it is involved in the formation of higher-level chromatin structures. C) The amino end of each histone extends outward from the nucleosome and is called a "histone tail." D) Histones are found in mammals, but not in other animals or in plants. E) The mass of...
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