Billy Elliot

Topics: Stephen Daldry, County Durham, Billy Elliot Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Billy Elliot by Stephen Daldry.

In the film by “Billy Elliot” directed by “Stephen Daldry” the setting of North East England in 1984 is very important. In 1984 the miners were on strike, poverty was common amongst the working class miners and Billy wanted to do ballet instead of boxing. The verbal and visual features used in the film helped me understand the importance of the setting. In this paragraph I am going to describe an important setting of North East England County Durham from the film I have studied. In 1984 it was a rough time for Billy as it was a time that the miners’ strike occurred which led to poverty within the Elliot family. This led to arguments, stress and frustration which led to a negative effect upon Billy’s dreams, “I’m not paying 50 pence for you to be doing ballet instead of boxing… lads do football… or boxing… or wrestling. Not frigging ballet.” Billy’s up bringing is influenced by his father Jacky, Brother Tony and his Grandmother due to his mother death. Throughout this paragraph, I am going to explain how the verbal and visual techniques help me to understand why the setting is important. During the miners’ strike, we can see through close up film shots of Jacky and Tony’s facial expressions, show us the anger, hurt, frustration and sadness that they feel. We can also hear it through their verbal features within their dialogue, “I'm busting my ass for those 50 pence, and you're doing ballet!” We can see the poverty, arguments and stress of Billy of not perusing his dreams through the verbal and visual features of Jacky chopping up the piano through the mid shots of Jacky, the terrace houses that surround the neighborhood compares the working class to the middle class, we can see the comparison from viewing Billy’s house to Mrs. Wilkinson‘s house. The verbal features that we hear throughout the film is the sounds of Billy’s feet thumping the ground with anger and the hard hits against the steel fences of the...
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