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Bill Cosby: Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation
Celebrities are individuals who have achieved things that are renown and known by many people. One notable celebrity is William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr. Bill Cosby is an extremely well known celebrity in the entertainment world, and in his charity work. Television in the 1960’s showed very few racial minorities. (Hillstrom, 51) But Bill Cosby still became a successful actor and comedian against all odds. Bill Cosby also has taken part in various charity work. His most well known charity work was his work done with the Hello Friend Ennis William Cosby Foundation. His charity work was to complete a 5 year plan to address needs and capabilities of all students (“Bill Cosby”).

Bill Cosby was born in Philadelphia on July 12, 1937, and was the oldest of 4 boys. His mother was Anna Pearl Cosby and his father was William Henry Cosby (“Bill Cosby: Actor, Comedian, Author” 112). Cosby lived a somewhat hard childhood. His little brother James died of rheumatic fever when he was only 6 (“Bill Cosby”). Cosby loosing his brother was a tough experience for him. Cosby also had a rough time in school as well. Cosby was captain of baseball and track teams in high school, Cosby’s grades in school were slipping though from his busy schedule of sports and work “(Bill Cosby: Actor, Comedian, Author” 112). As Cosby became older he began to follow his fathers footsteps. In 1956, Cosby Joined the US Navy (“Bill Cosby”). Cosby’s roots of the desire to help people began with his naval service. Cosby would be serving his time in the navy at the Bethesda Naval Hospital stationed in maryland (“Bill Cosby”). For 4 years Cosby served by helping injured and hurt soldiers with physical therapy (“Bill Cosby: Actor, Comedian, Author” 113). When Cosby finished his service he went on to college. But Cosby would drop out of college to pursue career in comedy which was very displeasing to his father. (“Bill Cosby”)

Cosby would now continue to...
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