Bilderberg Group

Topics: Bilderberg Group, Mass media, Daniel Estulin Pages: 9 (3150 words) Published: September 9, 2013
The Bilderberg Group

1. Introduction
Today there are many different associations having conferences about important economic and political issues facing the western world. One of the most influential, powerful and unknown is the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group consists of different types of “members”, those ones who build the core of the Group -the permanent members and those who vary and are invited to annual meetings often only once in their lives. People who attend the meeting are not randomly selected, but are rather selected by the core members. Those attendees come from differing important fields whether industry, finance, military, media or politics. Even though Bilderberg meetings have been taking place since 1954 once a year hosting the most important and best known personalities in the world, most people don´t know about these special conferences that are „designed to foster the dialogue between Europe and North America“ as mentioned on the official website ( In this essay I will try to give introductory information why only so few people know about the Bilderberg Group, what the Bilderberg Group actually is and does, which personalities are invited or attend the meetings as well as possible consequences might appear to people invited regarding their future career and influence. For me several questions came up when I was told about the Bilderbergers the first time. For example how comes that such a powerful and influential Group is barely known by the common public or why do the Bilderbergers actually meet in secrecy apart from the press? Shouldn´t the public be allowed to know what the most powerful people in the world and eventually the public’s own national representatives are talking about? Does a person really elect the heads of their government and their party themselves or are they possibly “pre-selected” as a result of the Bilderberg meetings and then proudly “provided” as potential candidates to be elected in expensive election campaigns? Would people who try to change something to positive in the world or their own society act differently if they would only know that obvious and official events in politics for 3

example might not the product of their elected party but rather just the predetermined path they follow given by the decisions made in secret meetings? Where does it lead to if the richest, most powerful and influential people act only regarding their own interests without asking the general public for consensus or providing at least different alternatives to choose? Well, there are many more things to consider but in this essay I will try to give a general overview regarding the Bilderberg Group and meetings as well as trying to answer a few questions I mentioned although reliable resources are very hard to find, if they even exist. Therefore I will mostly use information provided on the official “Bilderberg meetings” website, companies or governmental websites and Daniel Estulin’s book “The true story of the Bilderberg Group” as he has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 17 years up to now. Nevertheless this essay will contain a mix of more and less reliable information as some assumptions are proven through different official papers and official websites, as well as information gathered by Daniel Estulin’s whistle-blowers who often attended the meetings themselves. People likely tend to seal events they can’t believe or imagine often, may be too fast, as conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory is defined as “the belief that some covert but influential organisation is responsible for a circumstance or event“ ( I find it not very surprising that people behave like this due to the complexity of today’s world as well as the difficulty to sort out what is true and what is not especially if we consider that our beliefs are often based on what the mainstream media publishes. What if the media is de facto owned by those...
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