Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today

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Biggest challenges young adults face today
Margarita Torres Assignment 06_06 Mrs. Plant April 10, 2012

We often think young adults are ready to launch easily take off into career, college and lively adult social scenes. Many young adults find they are over-loaded and over whelmed with great difficulty in making this change. They may feel confused and even have a sense of deep loneliness. Relationships, school and finding employment are the latest challenges young adults face with today.

We’re all, like, based on relationships and if all the relationships you build up for yourself aren’t what you want them to be then it has an effect on you, because it affects who you are. If you can’t get those connections to other people, than you are automatically lost in a hole. Something drastic that changes in your life would cause depression, like maybe your parents getting a divorce, a death in the family, or your boyfriend/ girlfriend breaking up with you.

For young people, education and training are crucial to becoming valued, contributing adults in society. Young adults often experience additional difficulties with other aspects of their community adjustment. Student attitude plays a critical role in academic success. Getting good grades, studying for a test, turning in homework on time is a challenge for students. Student’s beliefs about their ability to learn are shaped by messages and experiences at home, school and in the large society. Large class sizes, high poverty rates, low family literacy weak school-family relationships, high student mobility many schools face these challenges.

The most difficult things regarding transitioning to employment are developing realistic self- confidence at work and developing practical skills in the workplace. It is very...
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