Biggesst Threat to Your Private Data May Be You

Topics: Personal life, Person, Want Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Biggest Threat to Your Private Data May Be You

In this article on Facebook, Jacquielynn Floyd brings up a very valid and interesting point on how we give out personal information without even thinking that we could be harming ourselves. The way the world is today we don’t even have to have face to face communication with people, all we have to do send the person a friend request. Until we take responsibility for our actions, the only person we can blame for our personal information being blasted all over Facebook or other social media is ourselves. I understand what Floyd was saying in the article and I agree that we have to take the blame when it comes to our information being public because we are the ones that post it for all to read. First, when you register for Facebook for the first time, the site gives you an opportunity to upload a picture of yourself. Most everyone chooses to upload one instead of not doing so, so people out there will have a face to go with the name. You want to be very careful though, of what pictures you do post can be revealing and inappropriate, and now those pictures are out there on the web for anyone to see. Next, comes the biography, you answer a series of questions about yourself and who you are which acts as an online introduction and replaces the formal one you would do when meeting a person face to face. After the biography, there are even more questions that delve into your personal life and private information such as your religious and political affiliation. Someone may think answering these questions isn’t a big deal but it can lead to you becoming a victim just because of the decisions you made about the information you made public. When you are finally done registering and setup, you can start looking up people and request their friendship and people can also look you up and request your friendship. Once you accept a friend request, it gives the person all the important information they want to know about you....
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