Big Daddy- Marxist Point of View

Topics: Wealth, Poverty, Need Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: May 1, 2010
Big Daddy- Marxist Point of View
In the movie Big Daddy you can see that a theme that is presented is a Marxist one. This theme is hidden and represented in a two way form. The idea that Julian had been “adopted” by Sunny as his kid and that he can’t do things by himself is the whole Marxist concept. What supports this is the fact that Julian can’t cross the street without holding his hand, he needs Sunny to urinate with him, otherwise he can’t, and also that he needs to have a book read before he goes to sleep, and the light turned on by Sunny while sleeping because he was afraid of the dark. When Sunny tells Julian to cross the street when they are trying to get to McDonald’s, Julian doesn’t cross the street because he needs Sunny to give him his hand. This is a clear example of a Marxist point of view because it portrays the poor people being Julian and Sunny being the wealthy people. In order for the poor people to get somewhere, they need the help of the wealthy people. The same way Sunny told Julian “give me your hand” is what the rich people tell the poor but the hand is represented by their trust. What they are trying to say is that in exchange, the higher class will “try” to get the poor people where they want. In this case, Sunny helped Julian get to a cheap place, McDonald’s, meaning that they were able to take the poor to a “common place” that they might not be able to afford in a daily basis and didn’t take much from the rich. They had to struggle for a while to make them fall for them, but at the end they had their trust and actually fooled them.

In the movie, when Julian needs to urinate, he tells Sunny that he can’t “do it by himself.” He needed Sunny to urinate with him. Sunny tells him that he doesn’t need to pee, but Julian tells him he would really needs to go, if not he would pee in his pants. Again Julian represents the poor and Sunny is the rich one. But in this case the Marxist theme is developed as the poor are fooling around...
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