Insight Into Character

Topics: Evidence, Change, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: October 31, 2014

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Graded Assignment
Unit Test, Part 2: Insights into Character
Answer the questions below in complete sentences. Use examples from the selections to support your answers (Remember to use APE: Answer, Prove, Explain). (20 points)
In a response of no less than two paragraphs, respond to each of the following questions. What happens to the characters Dade (“Star Food”) and Julian (“Everything that Rises Must Converge”) at the end of their respective stories? How are these two characters and their situations similar

Be sure to include evidence from the text to support your answer (Answer, Prove, Explain). Answer:
Both Dade and Julian where fixated on proving themselves right and defending their beliefs about how the world is now and how things should be. When the time came and they had their opportunity to make a stand and prove their views they were faced with a different outcome than they thought they would have. Dade didn’t react to the woman stealing from the store they way he had thought he would. After Dade caught her he looked at her and was filled with remorse and a little compassion so much that he could not do as he had planned. He let her go and felt the need to fallowing her till she disappeared and in doing that it changing his view of the world and opened his eyes to a truth he had not seen. Julian having an opportunity to prove his point about the world changing and him wanting to see him Mother faced with it didn’t go as he thought. After the negro woman slapped his mothers pocketbook from her hand for offering the negro boy a penny didn’t give him the outcome he wanted. He had an opportunity to show his mother the similarities in her and the black woman and prove his point with a different reaction. He saw that his desire to prove a point was not worth the price he paid and made proving his point not as important as he had thought. Both Dade and Julian wanted success in their lives and their parents viewed them...
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