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Science Versus Technology: Which has a Greater Impact upon Humanity to date
Science can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge through systematic processes that include thorough observations and numerous experiments. Science seeks to understand observable natural facts. The systems used in science help describe different natural phenomena. Science helps us understand and gain more knowledge in certain fields. Conversely, technology can be defined as the practical application of scientific discoveries. Technology refers to the tools used to help us accomplish daily tasks. The two grand endeavors are related in that science helps in development and acquisition of knowledge. Technology helps prove the validity of scientific methods. The technology uses the acquired scientific knowledge to serve a particular purpose. According to (Oberdan, 1-10), “the goal of technology is to apply scientific knowledge for some particular reason. New scientific findings may result to new technologies; new technologies may upsurge the aptitude of scientists to search for new knowledge” ( p1).

Science has a greater impact upon humanity than technology in our daily lives. The reason behind this is because science has helped mankind discover many natural phenomena around him. Science seeks to understand new knowledge and that always has a great impact on the life we live. Through science, man discovered tools to make work easier and make new inventions and advancement in technology. Science encompasses different activities we do daily and through it, we can understand our world better. To help us understand better the importance of science, the essay looks through various sectors that Science has been used to make our lives more comfortable and worth living.

First, Science is interwoven with our lives, and we cannot do without it. Through Science, scientific inventions like electricity have helped the world be a better place to live in. From the time electricity was discovered, science has helped us gain steady knowledge on the importance of electricity. In the 18th century, Ben Franklin’s studies of statics and lighting enabled the scientific discovery of electricity. Alessandro Volta discovered the battery. The aforementioned scientific discoveries formed a basis for more inventions in the use of electricity. Further studies enabled scientists understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism. In our daily lives, electricity is used in house appliances like television sets, telephones, and lighting. Electricity has continued to be a fundamental need in our lives since a lot of scientific inventions use electricity. Other than its use in the houses, electricity is used in the production of goods and provision of services. The produced goods and services serve to benefit the consumers who need them in their lives. Through science, electricity has been used in lighting and security systems to ensure the safety of human lives. Electric fences and security cameras have been invented by use of science.

Science has been used in modern Agriculture to increase productivity in the sector. Development of modified products through science has led to the invention of resistant crops and increased yields. Science has significantly changed what we eat today. In 1940’s biologists in conjunction with chemists developed high-yield varieties of crops which could be combined with fertilizers and increase the amount of food production.

Scientific inventions in agriculture ushered in the green revolution significantly affecting the economic structure of the agricultural practices. The inventions in agriculture ensure a steady supply of food in the ever growing population in the world, making science a vital element in the life of humans.

In medicine, science is fundamental to the survival of mankind. Vaccines were discovered in the 18th century. The first scientist to prove that...

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