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Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Q- Operating Systems Required - You have different types of machines (laptops, desktops, servers) which require different operating systems – which ones will you recommend and why? A- According to the research it has revealed that each of the operating systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, yet one of them may seem more reliable and competent than the other. I personally think that Windows 7 is the best option, given that it’s most widely used by the majority of companies and employees around the globe; besides its quite comprehensible and can easily be installed. Hence forth, it certainly has all types of softwares and applications that you will probably need for your business, in addition to how hard ware devices can simply adjust with it. Nevertheless, it is much cheaper compared to Mac OS X and greatly stable for a variety of purposes. (What is the best operating system and why?, 2012)One of the main purposes of Windows 7 is that it is designed to use certain programs and services only when wanted, in order to save its memory and have a good battery life unlike Windows Vista. Whilst for Mac OS X its is known that it has better graphics resolution that could be an advantage for people who are going to use it for designing intentions with a definite high performance. Mac OS X is considered as having the biggest range of softwares provided that could effortlessly protect it from any viruses or errors which clearly make it safer and securable. Also, looking at the fact which indicates that Mac OS X doesn’t slow down or get affected by a lower rate of momentum after a period of time; but remains the same till the very end. And most importantly that Mac OS X could run a completely different operating system simultaneously without any negative results. Lastly it has exposed that both operating systems have their own pros and cons; plus in the end it all depends on the user preferences and the job’s requirements. Bibliography

What is the best operating...

Bibliography: What is the best operating system and why? (2012). Retrieved from Wiki Answers:
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