Best Buy Case Study

Topics: Best Buy, Strategic management, Balance sheet Pages: 35 (3845 words) Published: March 28, 2013

| | | | |Best Buy Co., Inc. [pic] | |Strategic Audit | |August 2012 | | | | |

Presented to Dr. Sanya EL Galaly

Table of Contents
About Best Buy Co., Inc4
Best Buy’s History4
1.Current Situation5
A. Current Performance5
B. Strategic Posture5
II. Strategic Managers6
A.Board Members6
B.Top Management7
III.Market Overview7
IV. External Environment8
2.Natural Environment8
2.Social Environment8
3.Task Environment9
V. Internal Environment9
1.Corporate Structure9
2.Corporate Culture9
3.Corporate Resources9
3.5.Human Resources10
3.6.Information Systems10
VI. Analysis of Strategic Factors10
1.Situational Analysis (SWOT) (SFAS Matrix; see Exhibit 3)11 1.1.Situational Analysis11
1.1.1.Summary of Internal Factors11
1.1.2.Summary of External Factors11
1.1.3.Review of Mission and Objectives11

VII. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy12
1.Corporate Strategy12
2.1.Growth Strategy12
2.2.Stability Strategy13
2.3.Retrenchment Strategy13
3.Business Strategy13
3.1.Cost Leadership Strategy13
3.2.Differentiation Strategy14
4.Financial Positions14
4.1.Best Buy Income Statement as of 2009-201214
4.2.Best Buy Balance Sheet as of 2009-201211
4.3.Cash Flow Statement for period ended in 2011-201212 B. Recommended Strategy14

VIII. Implementation14
IX. Evaluation and Control14
X. List of Tables15
Exhibit #1 Ratio Analysis Table15
Exhibit #2 IFAS16
Exhibit #3: EFAS17
Exhibit #4: SFAS18
Exhibit #5: TWOS Matrix19
Exhibit #6 IFinancial Position Documents20

About Best Buy Co., Inc.

Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) Headquartered IN Richfield, Minnesota, is a leading multi-channel global retailer and developer of technology products and services. 1,100 stores in U.S (21% Market Share), also operated over 2,800 stores global (Canada, Mexico, China and Turkey), 170,000 employees whom are committed to helping deliver the technology solutions that enable easy access to people, knowledge, ideas and fun.

The company’s subsidiaries such Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, and Pacific Sales, and operated under both name Best Buy & Future Shop labels In CANADA People at BB are aware of their role and impact on the world, and are committed to developing and implementing business strategies that bring sustainable technology solutions to consumers and communities. For information about Best Buy, visit and to shop at Best Buy, visit

Best Buy’s History:

In 1966 Best Buy incorporated with original name as Sound of music, the company...

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