Best Automotive Brands: BMW, Ford, and Mercedes

Topics: Automotive industry, Lithium-ion battery, Innovation Pages: 4 (911 words) Published: August 13, 2014
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The competition amongst Automotive Brand such as BMW, Ford and Mercedes have been going on for a long time to be the best Automotive Brand in the world. Recently, many automotive companies have established a new design car with electric energy to replace the fuel. The article is about the new invention of BMW group concerning to the charger of the electric cars. The charger has an advantage, which is rapid recharging as key to the success of its new BMW i3 electric vehicle. The BMW Motor Group also has develop a less expensive charger the size of a small suitcase that could lead the charger market for the electric cars. Recently, BMW motor group is encouraging third-party companies to step in and set up a system similar to Tesla’s nationwide Supercharger network, which has their own station to recharge the electric cars that Tesla produced. However, unlike Tesla’s chargers, which are not suitable for other car brand but only to Tesla owners, the BMW-branded chargers also can be used to recharge EVs made by competitors such as Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Volkswagen. Moreover, supplier Bosch Automotive Service Solutions designed the new 24-kilowatt charger with an investment from BMW. The charger can recharge the lithium ion batteries in the i3, which has an estimated range of 72 miles on electric power, to about 80 percent full within half an hour. One of these chargers will cost $6,500 for companies that partner with BMW, compared with about $30,000 for current fast chargers. How might the market respond to this situation in both the short term and in the long term? How would it affect certain companies or markets? BMW Motor Group would make a development towards the electric car charger, which might benefit the company in the future. The Market responds towards the company in a long term would be obtaining return on the brand loyalty of the customers. Gaining the loyalty of the customers would create a huge impact towards...

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