Best and Worst Quality

Topics: Aerospace engineering, Spaceflight, NASA Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: August 28, 2013
My best and worst quality is my excessive curiosity, especially when it comes to space travel and programs related to it. This quality sometimes gets me into trouble because I will drop any activity I am doing to find answers to satisfy my curiosity. This quality has a good side; with curiosity I also expand my knowledge in many subjects that I am interested in. I will use my major in Aerospace to satisfy my curiosity of space flight and achieve my goals to work for NASA. One of the main reasons I want to enroll in Purdue is over the years, I have become more interested in space because of how little we know about it. There are so many mysteries that we still have not discovered about this universe, for example; “Is there any life outside of our world?”, “Will we be able to live and commute on other planets?”, and “How can we decrease the cost of space flight?” There are many unanswered questions that I am extremely curious about. The education I receive from Purdue can help aid me in finding answers to satisfy my curiosity. The final reason that I want to enroll in Purdue’s engineering program is so that I will be able to work for NASA. This goal might sound like a childish dream to many because it is everyone’s dream to be able to work for NASA and be able to fly off into space. To me it is my ultimate dream to be able to work there. NASA is one of the biggest organizations with the largest budget for research and development to improve space flight. With a degree from Purdue, it will aid me with being able to get a job with NASA because Purdue is considered to be one of the best schools that can provide an Aerospace Engineering education.
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