Space Exploration Synthesis Essay

Topics: Space Shuttle, Space exploration, NASA Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Synthesis Essay #1: Final Draft
Space exploration is a vitally important task that helps countries around the globe discover new things about the universe they are a part of and expand the knowledge of students in subjects such as science or Astronomy alike. There are several factors that are to be considered when contemplating the importance of space exploration. One of the debatable questions that comes to mind is how much money can be collected for the cause? Another is addressing the dangers that the astronaut occupation implies, because who doesn’t remember learning about such devastating events like the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986? The final factor we must include when determining the importance of space exploration is the exposure of space exploration in the education system and why it is helpful to learn about historical space endeavors of our country, both its successes and disasters.

In regards to my mentioning the controversial topic of funding space travel for Americans, I feel it is important the point of view made by the author in document H. Roberts first lists personal statements about how he enjoys learning about space as much as an astronomer might. However he doesn’t support the idea of deducting the required funds, to industrialize Mars, from Americans’ taxpayer money. In other words, we are one earth for a reason. It’d be too much of a risk and complication to transport Americans over to the planet, when that ridiculous amount of money can go to something more important like education.

The possible dangers of planetary exploration are explained by Richard Greenberg who says that for astronauts there is “the hazard that some infectious extraterrestrial germ might be riding with them” (Source F) when they return home. Astronauts involved in NASA endeavors do not only trust the hundreds of space engineers that built the space shuttle, but they also possibly endanger themselves by exposing themselves to a plentiful...
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