Beowulf Cluster

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Beowulf Cluster

Submitted to University Institute of Information Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY
Submitted By:Submitted To:
Arun Tonk (2909)Guide: - Mr. Rajesh Chauhan
Rahul Rana (2919)Co-guides:-1. Er. Vikram Kumar
Ishan Sood (2921)2. Er. Mohit Bansal
Abhay Chand (2930)
Adarsh Kumar (2935)
Abhikalp Thakur (2940)
Ashish Prashar (2950)
Daksh Agarwal (2961)
Amit Jaswal (2973)

University Institute of Information Technology
Himachal Pradesh University


Certified that the project titled “Beowulf Cluster” is undertaken in the guidance of Mr. Rajesh Chauhan (System Administrator), University Institute of Information Technology as a part of course curriculum for B.Tech. (Information Technology) Degree of Himachal Pradesh University, Summerhill, Shimla. The group consists of following members:- Arun Tonk (2909)

Rahul Rana (2919)
Ishan Sood (2921)
Abhay Chand (2930)
Adarsh Kumar (2935)
Abhikalp Thakur (2940)
Ashish Prashar (2950)
Daksh Agarwal (2961)
Amit Jaswal (2973)

Mr. Rajesh Chauhan Er. Vikram Kumar Er. Mohit Bansal (Project Guide) (Co-Guides)

Mrs. Neeraj Sharma


We do hereby solemnly declare that the work done in this project is authentic and original to the best of our knowledge and belief. Also, the work done on this project is for the sole purpose of partial fulfillment of degree of B.Tech (Information Technolgy) in University Institute of Information Technology, Summerhill, Shimla and nowhere else.

Arun Tonk (2909)
Rahul Rana (2919)
Ishan Sood (2921)
Abhay Chand (2930)
Adarsh Kumar (2935)
Abhikalp Thakur (2940)
Ashish Prashar (2950)
Daksh Agarwal (2961)
Amit Jaswal (2973)


Primarly, we thank Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Director, UIIT, for granting us the permission to work on such an exciting and technology-oriented concept. We are grateful to our project guide Mr. Rajesh Chauhan and co-guides Er. Vikram Kumar and Er. Mohit Bansal for his guidance, inspiration and constructive suggestions that helped us in the preparation of this project. Our thanks are also due to Mr. Vijay and Mr. Naresh, lab attendants, UIIT, HP University for allowing us access to the network laboratory resources and the staff. Following the consent and the ceaseless support of the laboratory staff, we have come to the conclusion of such a detailed and accurate study. We would also like to acknowledge the valuable suggestions given by the faculty of UIIT failing which we would have ended with unobserved slip-ups. We also thank our fellow students and other members of the university who have helped in the successful completion of the project by giving their valuable opinions. Last but not the least; our gratitude is due to our parents who have given us endless support and inspiration all along the way. We thank you God for being with us.

Chapter 1: Introduction2
1.1 Motivation2
1.2 Overview Beowulf Clusters3
1.3 Objective3
1.4 Scope3
1.5 Historical overview of Beowulf Cluster4
1.6 Success Stories5
The Monash Parallel Parametric Modeling Engine (PPME)5
Project Appleseed6
The North Carolina Supercomputing Center6
Chapter 2: Architecture of Beowulf Cluster8
2.1 Beowulf Clusters Classification (Building Linux Beowulf Cluster, 2000)8
2.1.1 Classification by Network Architecture8
2.1.2 Classification by System Architecture8
2.1.3 Classification by Synchronization Software9
2.1.4 Classification of clusters on basis of their application and use9
2.1.5 Flynn’s Classification or Classification based on Cluster programming or Classification based on notion of Data and Instruction stream10
2. 2 Physical Layout and Design of Cluster12
2.3 Present set-up13

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