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The Concept of Heroism

Beowulf is a poem that exploits both loyalty and honor within its characters. The protagonist Beowulf is a complex character that possesses both of his traits and many more to demonstrate his heroism. The greatest honor to him was to die in a valiant battle. Therefore, he was fearless and fought with ferociousness, not caring if he lives or dies. At the end, he gets rewarded wealthily and becomes a hero in everyone’s eyes. However, the loyal people, who emerge in the situations when a brave act is needed to protect people in a great danger, get the gods protection due to their noble deeds and get eventually classified as heroes. Beowulf proves to be a loyal character that is rear of his kind. He travels to Denmark just to aid people who have been in danger for twelve years. These people are Horthgar and the rest of the Danish people. Horthgar thankfully says to Beowulf “you have traveled here to favour us with help and fight for us” (line 457).The creature that creates this danger is called Grendel. Grendel is a monster that everyone feared to battle but Beowulf. When Beowulf knows that Grendel has enormous power, he prefers to battle and fulfill his loyalty than to escape safely. That incident shows how loyal he is to Horthgar and his people. He sacrifices with his life in order to protect Horthgar and his people which are definitely a strong proof of his loyalty towards him. Another time Beowulf demonstrates his loyalism when he decides to reach a fearful magical place that all the earth creatures fear to approach. This place is the lair of the beast Grendel’s mother who is furious about her son’s murder by Beowulf. This time Beowulf is almost sure that he will be killed in his battle against Grendel’s mother. Although the enormous danger that is waiting for him underwater, he doesn’t even hesitate in going through this sacrificing act. But He instead assures Horthgar saying “Endure your troubles today” (line 1395). Loyalty is one of...
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