Benjamin and William Franklin and the American Revolution

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Benjamin Franklin Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The events leading up to the American Revolution can be traced back and related to some incidents that many may have saw as petty or insignificant at the time when compared in magnitude to something as immense as a revolution. Nonetheless, these mere misunderstandings and minor conflicts between the mother country, England and its American colonies, were the seedlings that were planted in the soils of the American Revolution that would come to light in the future for both, for better or for worse. I, William Franklin, as well as my father Benjamin Franklin saw the roots of the revolution spread throughout the colonies before the final development. However, we came to realize that we no longer shared the same views and interest, and we eventually did take on opposite sides of the revolution. Nevertheless, we both saw the same moments where the lines were drawn on both sides. The revolution did not happen overnight but rather was caused by years of missed compromises, missed reconciliations, mistreatment, and misrepresentation as well. All of these were the cogs and gears in the machine that was the driving force of the gradual buildup of tension between mother country and the colonies, which would ultimately cause England and the American colonies to go to war.

For my recount I would have to start as far back as to when I was appointed to be the governor of New Jersey in 1762. With this appointment from the Crown as governor, myself and my father alike both believed it was the Crown that was best patron of colonial liberty as well as the protector of those liberties, and rights of Englishmen. However, my appointment was ill timed for me, for the reason that The Board of Trade had just executed more authority in North America with the Navigation Acts, which meant that American traders could no longer evade the trade laws they had been recently accustomed to bypassing. Additionally England also wished to raise funds for the British military which meant that taxes...
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