Benefits of Patrilinear and Matrilinear Lineage

Topics: Family, Matrilineality, Dynasty Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: May 6, 2011

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OR OTHERWISE OF AN INDIVIDUAL WHOSE FATHER IS FROM THE PATRILLINEAGE AND MOTHER FROM THE MATRILLINEAGE AND AN INDIVIDUALWHOSE FATHER IS FROM THE MATRILLINEAGE AND MOTHER FROM THE PATRILLINEAGE. A descent group is a permanent social unit with a common ancestor. That is, a culturally recognised relationship between children and one or both parents` kin. Lineage on the other hand is a segment of a clan. There is a rule that sets out the way an individual should trace his genealogy. Kingship specifies the lines of descent, the type of responsibilities expected from an individual as well as those that the individual expects for himself. Inheritance and succession are two of the rights that are distributed through the kingship system. Whom and what an individual inherit depends on the lineage line from which you trace your descent. These rules of descent are in three forms. Cognitive, the unilateral and double unilateral. The cognitive is in two forms bilateral and am bilateral. The bilateral traces their descent through both parents likewise the the ambilineal, but there exist an element of choice. The unilateral traces lineage through matrilineal which is the fathers line and matrilineal which is the mothers line. The double unilineal traces lineage through both mother and father but fixed rules with regard to where an individual traces his or her descent. When an individual is born to a man who traces his descent patrillinealy that is the line of ancestry follows the male line and a woman who traces her descent matrilinealy, that is the line of an cestry follows the female line, that individual can inherit from both parents. An individual can acquire for himself personal properties which is self acquired and lineage properties which is inherited. As quoted in the Soci 102 distance learners handout,”In many patrillineal societies, daughters do not...
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