Benefits of Facebook to college students' lives

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Benefits of Facebook to college student’s life
We are living in the decade that technology has a superpower. Technology can do magic and bring everything to us just in the twinkling of eyes. Microsoft made computers easier to use, Google helps us to search out information, Youtube makes us entertained... However, the Web’s social network sites are predominant. Most of college students are connected by one of popular online social network sites – Facebook. Facebook is one of ways which gives ability to students to maintain their existing relationship and also form their new connection in new community life. Facebook is integrated into student’s life as the daily media practices. Facebook usage allows student to enhance their possible potential in interacting well with well-being psychological, emotional, searching for intellectual and engaging with society. One of the most amazing about Facebook, a phenomenon for the social network sites, is how it is engaging with society. How to interact with society is so important that Facebook has been created by three college students 7 years ago, allow students to keep in contact with each other. Facebook attracts much attention of many young people around the world. Therefore, a specific question is asked: what impact does Facebook have on today’s society? There is always a controversial argument between its certainty positive and negative effects. Some research has pointed out that Facebook detracts face-to-face time with others. As a result, there is potential loss of social status in real life due to increased Facebook using time. When people are spending too much time on Facebook, they tend to ignore their reality relationship and use Facebook as a substitute for their social talking. Especially young people who are far from home for college, they engage with technology and do not even think of making new friends. However, some studying also implies online interaction as a replace tool in-person interaction...
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