Benefits of Compulsory Attendance

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“Benefits of Compulsory Attendance?”

Forcing anybody to do anything they don’t like is hard to accomplish, but rules should still be required. Dave Kopel, the research director of the Independence Institute argues in the article “Are They Schools or Are they Prisons” that “Schools are, after all education centers, not holding pens for people who don’t want to learn.” Throughout his article, Kopel disputes the Colorado Constitution making it mandatory for every child under 16 to attend school. He argues that laws like these make it harder, and impossible for schools in the U.S. to advance, with reduced violence, drop outs, and disturbed classes.

Dave explains that back in 1876, the libertarians tried to pass a law requiring children to do something against their will, and the wills of their parents which exceeds moral rights. And even though small governments feel that as long as welfare states like Colorado exists, pushing children to learn and be educated is beneficial so that they wont grow up to be a burden to taxpayers. But in contrast to most people’s view on this matter Kopel says, “even people who accept the philosophical premise of compulsory schooling are beginning to recognize that forcing people into school against their will may be profoundly harmful to safety and education especially in the junior and senior high schools.” Compulsory schooling can cause negatively rebellious behavior, therefore making it unbeneficial to the power of learning.

As the article progresses, Kopel explains the effects of many “obstinate non-learners” which may disrupt the whole classing making it hard for teachers to teach their subject. “The teacher may be so busy trying to control one or two troublemakers that the amount of teaching time declines dramatically.” In accordance to the article, it can be true to say that students who do not desire education rarely learn anything. “Besides wasting their own time, they also destroy the education of dozens of other...
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