Benefits and Drawbacks of Technology

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The Benefits and Drawback of Technology
Many believe the internet provides us with valuable information. However, many believe access to so much information is hazardous in the wrong hands. Which view do you agree with? The internet gives us the advantage to find information at any given time of day, and provides us with many conveniences. Today the internet is essential to life in many ways. The invention of the internet has changed the world in both good and bad ways. It’s used in the workplace, school, and home. One of the benefits can be seen in the workplace. The internet enables workers to access information at a very high speed. It provides the necessary tools needed for communication, research, marketing and collaboration. The internet has given employees the advantage to work in other places than their offices. This portability is not only useful but ideal for parents that have young children and need to be home with them. Internet access makes it possible to meet deadlines from almost anywhere in the world. So employers improve productivity and the work experience for themselves and their employees. Then again there are a few drawbacks of technology at work. Many feel that employees are not thinking and analyzing things for themselves, they are just going online to get information. They also believe this is making us dumber. Also there is the argument that critical thinking and human interaction is being lost. They argue that technology can take away from social skills if that person spends too much of his or her time communicating through emails and instant messaging. I completely disagree with these arguments people do go home after work to family members and friends were they are required to interact on a daily bases. I also feel technology helps us at work to accomplish more without a group effort. Unfortunately there are many businesses where some of the employees are caught trading offensive material on their department's e-mailing system....
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