Benefit Of Adoption Research Paper

Topics: Family, Adoption, Foster care, Parent, Mother, Love / Pages: 3 (651 words) / Published: Feb 27th, 2017
Benefits of Adoption How could adoption change lives for the better? When it comes to adoption there may be obstacles that individuals must overcome to become adoptive parents. However, that should not be discouraging because the endless rewards are unbelievable. In this situation, everyone wins because everyone ends up with someone to love or someone to love them back. There are many benefits of adoption for the child and for the adoption parents, such as sharing a sense of belonging, bringing about a positive ending to a troubling situation, and dreams becoming fulfilled. The child and adoption parents will benefit from a sense of belonging. In the past, they may have felt that something was missing in their lives. Realizing that it may have been a child or caring parents that want them included in their lifetime. Adoption can provide a feeling of love in an unconditional way. A sense of belonging can help the child heal from past situations such as being in foster care. While they were in the system they never knew where they were going or for how long. Adoption can provide them a sense of closure and let them know they will not have to go through that process again. It must be very painful knowing that you will not be …show more content…
When a child is adopted they have a greater opportunity of having a bright future. They may not have had the correct resources to attend college, or have a successful career when they got older if they did not get adopted. Now they will be able to get the needed education and use it for future experiences. The adoption parent’s dreams of raising a child together will become achieved. They will be able to care and love this child for the rest of their lives as if it were their own. They will always be there to guide the child in everyday life. They can teach the child right from wrong and direct them in the right path to help them make the correct decisions in

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