Topics: Crime, Theft, Physical security / Pages: 2 (266 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2013
Ways to Overcome Thefts in Neighbourhood
Nowadays, there are so many theft has happen at our neighbourhood. This problem may make a bad thought about our neigbourhood. In my opinion, this problem should not happen to our peacefully neighbourhood. So, we have to overcome this problem before it getting worst. In this essay, I will discuss about the ways to overcome theft problem. First and foremost, our neighbourhood seems really remote at night. This situation may be used by thieves to theft at our neighbourhood at night. So I think we should do a neighbourhood watch at night. For example, we recruit residents from our neighbourhood to do a neighbourhood watch. Therefore, if we do a neighbourhood watch every day, I really sure theft problems can be solved. Next, we can secure our house by use a special lock. These kinds of stuff help a lot in secure our house from being broken. We also can use an alarm system for our car. This will prevent our car from being stolen by thieves. Hence, in my opinion alarm system and special lock can also be used to prevent theft. Last but not least, based on my observation, our neighbourhood is very dark at night due to lack of light. In my opinion, we have to add some light resources. For example, we can switch on our house light. If we do so, the thieves will afraid to thefts at our house. Therefore, our house will safe from thefts. In a nutshell, the three points I have suggested are the best ways to overcome theft

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