Bend it like beckham

Topics: Family, Girl, Woman Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: February 25, 2015

"An Indian girl born to play soccer for England", which is a quote from the famous movie calls "Bent it like Beckham." It revolves around the story of three people are Jess, Jule and Joe and it explores the world of women's football. Movie shows the passion of two young girls and they have overcome the objections of their families to pursue their own dream

Jess is a teenager with only one real passion in her life: football. She daydreams of being a great soccer star and her hero is David Beckham. She soon strikes up a friendship with an English girl, Jules and they join a girls team coached by the rather handsome Joe. Jess comes from an Idian family . Her parents only want the best for both of their daughters but Jess's fascination with sports doesn't fit into their idea of a young woman future. Jess isn't comfortable sneaking about and she and Jules fall out when they both take an amorous interest in Joe. With her sister's wedding on the same day as the football final, Jess must decide if she will support her family or her friends. Will Jess be able to play, or will her dreams be shattered? During this film, Jess has overcome many difficulties and challenges to achieve her goal. First, she faces with opposition from parents about her passion, which is football. The next difficulty of Jass is when Jule’s mother mistakenly gets the impression that her daughter is having a lesbian affair with Jas . Moreover, they both fancy their Irish coach and Jule is very angry when Jas is caught almost kissing him on a trip to Germany. That is the main reason that their friendship was divided in a long time. And the most impotant difficulty is Jess sister's wedding on the same day as the football final. But after everything, Jess is successful and she has overcome all barriers to achieve her passion. Not only that, Jess recognized profound lessons about the greatness of friendship, true love, the importance of family and life around her . Jess wins the final...
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