Manchild in the Promised Land

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: March 4, 2006
Brentin Pedraza 11/30/05 Final assessment essay English p.1

There are many problems and conflicts in life. Sometimes these problems could exist between a son and daughter and there parents or just between friends. The best known is the conflict between mother and daughter.

In class we watched a movie called Bend It like Beckem. In this movie there was major conflict between a mother and a daughter. Jess, an Indian girl who wanted to play soccer, her mom was ashamed of her because she thought a Indian girl should not play soccer and show their legs. They also did not see eye to eye on marriage Jess wanted a love match marriage opposed to her mother, who wanted an arranged marriage. The mother also wanted to control who she married and what family he come from, for then she could make sure that he met her acquirements for a husband. Jess was not the only girl that had mother problems their was also Jules an English soccer player around the same age as Jess. Jules mother also disapproved of her playing soccer but for a different reason then Jess's mother, she did not like her daughter playing soccer because she thought it was not lady like. Jules mother actually thought her and Jess was homosexuals because they play soccer and they were close.

During the movie there were few solutions for these conflicts. By the end of the movie a solution was finally reached. Jess's and Jules's problem were both solved at the same time when their parents met at Jess's sister's wedding. The conflicts was all brought affront of a crowd forcing them to face them. Jess's dad and mom then understand they were not protecting their daughter but holding her back from a promising future by not allowing her to play soccer. At the end Jules finally found out why her mom was acting so weird, and then she...
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