Bend It Like Becham and Looking for Alibrandi

Topics: Want, Coming of age, Mother Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: August 26, 2013
This term we have studied the film bend it like beck ham and the novel looking for alibrandi. They both explore coming of age through different experiences to mature into the person they are today. But during that process they come across similar challenges to face.

Jess is from a strict Indian silkh family who expectations are high for both jess and her sister pinky. The director of bend it like Becham explores the experiences of coming of age by showing challenges with her culture. Jess wants to play football professional but her family and culture disapproves of this idea and has to go by her parent’s values. The point of view shoot from babaji’s perspective and the quotation “ you can become a fine doctor and solicitor now “ this show the expectations and values of the family and culture. Josephine goes through similar challenges where she struggles to accept her culture and not hate it. Josephine says, “ I hate being Italian “ this shows Josephine not liking her culture and her background. Both Josephine and jess go through similar challenges with their culture and learning to cope with it.

Throughout the film and the novel Josie and jess have to go through challenges with their family, Josie has grown up her whole life without a dad. When her dad shows up Josie is shocked and doesn’t want to see him. “We don’t need him”, Josie says to her mum ,telling her she doesn’t want him in her life. Through out the novel Josie has to overcome her hate she had for her dad in the past and let it go. And allow accepting him in her life. Jess might not have a new dad in her life but she sure does have family issues. jess finds out her finals is on the same day as her sisters wedding. She has to choose between her futures of her family. She chooses family because she knows it’s the right thing to do “ im not lying any more” Jess says realizing . Lying is not right and has to become more mature and choose right decisions. As the wedding goes on her dad...
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