Ben and Jerry's Case Study

Topics: Ice cream, Ben & Jerry's, Häagen-Dazs Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Ben and Jerry’s Case Study

What makes a company great? Is it constant financial growth year after year? Is it producing a product that is known and recognized in millions of households around the world? Or is it being socially conscience while still providing a cost effective product? With Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company, it’s not enough to just be financially successful; they also strive to be socially successful. Ben and Jerry’s want more from their alliances with wholesalers, franchisees, and international partners than simply earning profits. They want to team up with companies that will be socially active and take into consideration the impact they will have in society and the environment when making business decisions. Despite Ben and Jerry’s noble intentions, there is potential for channel conflict developing. These conflicts include different cultural views, and foreign government procedures. Even with these issues, Ben and Jerry’s existing channel is an ideal one because of the many social objectives the company is trying to help the world solve. With the majority of companies, an alliance with wholesalers, franchisees, and international partners means looking for the most reliable channel, at the most affordable cost. Whether or not that company is socially active in a positive manner make no difference because it does not have any bearing on the bottom line of a profit and loss statement. Ben and Jerry’s is unlike any other company, and seriously takes into consideration whether or not forming an alliance with another company based on the social impact it has on their community. Ben and Jerry’s approach to forming an alliance with companies that put social and environmental issues before company profits has proven very beneficial to them. By taking firm stands on social issues and donating a percentage of the company’s profits to helping society, they’ve gained a strong loyal customer base that has helped them keep profits steady (Rosenbloom...

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