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How has Sethe changed from when she killed her baby and to when she attacked Mr. Bodwin picking up Denver?

In the book Beloved, by Toni Morrison, one of the main characters, Sethe, has encountered two very similar scenes in the book, which are very symbolic. They symbolize the changes that have happened to Sethe throughout the book. Once, her former slave owner who is called schoolteacher, who she had escaped from, came to her house. During this, Sethe took her baby and killed it, claiming later that it was because she did not want the baby to go through the pain of slavery like she did. Then later in the book, Mr. Bodwin, who according to the book’s description, looks very similar to school teacher, was picking up Denver, Sethe’s other daughter, to go to work. As Mr. Bodwin arrived Sethe saw him and in shock, thinking it was schoolteacher, tried to stab him with an ice pick that she had. However, the major difference that occurred between the two events is that Sethe first decided that to kill her baby, Beloved. While the second time, she tried to kill Mr. Bodwin who looks very similar to schoolteacher. So the question is what has changed Sethe’s decision? One assumption is that Sethe feels too weak when schoolteacher comes, therefore, she sacrificed her baby. When Mr. Bodwin came to 124 to pick up Denver, Sethe must have felt some rage towards the “whitepeople” and she also did not want to make the same mistake again, so she went after Mr. Bodwin.

These two scenes have many differences and similarities. Another difference is, in the second scene Sethe has recently felt a lot of guilt and also some anger towards herself, unlike in the first scene. Also, in the first scene Sethe did not receive anything saying the schoolteacher was coming for her, because the community purposely did not tell her. The community did not support her. However, in the second scene, the community joined together and was about to help Sethe get rid of Beloved, but...
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