Belonging Analysis: A Poem by Feliks Skrzynecki

Topics: Integral, Herman Boone, Black people Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Belonging Essay

Within the concept of belonging there is a understanding that the human not only belongs to certain aspects of society but also Is enthusiastic about trying to gain acceptance and inclusion consciously with in one’s environment.

With in context of belonging we are to see through Peter Skrzynecki poem St.Patrick College the emotional stances of apathetic nature towards the protagonist surroundings.

Skrzynecki show inclusion in the poem St. Patricks College. In the poem Skrzynecki is clearly included in the school as he wears the “blue, black and gold”. While he is included at the school there does not seem a real sense of belonging to it. Skrzynecki appears to have a sense of apathy towards the school. Skrzynecki uses repetition to get across the amount of time he spent at school through the line “For eight years” giving a strong sense of apathy, even though he is included. Skrzynecki also creates an idea of apathy through the lines “Luceat Lux Vestra I thought was a brand of soap” the idea of the school motto and him not knowing it gives a sense of apathy that he doesn’t care but he is included in the college life. Skrzynecki gives a sense that he is doing it for his mother more then this is convincingly shown through the lines “Prayed that mother would someday be pleased with what she’d go for her money”

This relates to the Movie remember the titans due Coach Boone had the idea that no one would get cut from the team, everyone was included unless they wanted to leave or they didn’t play as a team this links the aspect of inclusion and belonging together. But in the move there is a Player ray who is included he starts , he always plays yet he can not belong to the team its not that he can’t its that he doesn’t care the same way Skrzynecki didn’t care about the school, Ray couldn’t play in the team with blacks and whites and then was cut not by coach Boone but by a fellow white player who did belong and felt like he wasn’t trying...
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