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Title of text: Great expectations
Composer: Charles Dickens
Source: Novel (fiction)
Date: 1861
Composer’s intended purpose and Target audience:
Charles Dickens Purpose for generating this novel was to tell a story that expressed ingratitude and selflessness, social climbing, suffering, and retribution; it is also said that Dickens wanted to express the differentiation of parenthood and the affect that the actions of one generation will have on the next. The novel ‘great expectations’ is mainly targeted to the youth, young adults and adults. Mainly because the audience needs to have the ability to comprehend the text, due to its complexity, and it is within these age groups that are capable of that.

Text Synopsis:
The novel ‘Great Expectations’ is entirely about a boy named Phillip Pirrip who is also known as Pip. It is based on the events that Pip undertakes to gain acceptance and fidelity from Estella.

The novel introduces Pip as a young boy who is sitting down in a graveyard looking at his parents grave stones; when almost suddenly an ex convict who is later identified as Magwitch grabs Pip and threatens him to gather up food and bring it to him, Pip willingly steals food from his sister Mrs Joe and as he goes to give it to Magwitch, Magwitch is arrested. Pip’s Parents have passed resulting in Pip having to take refuge with his sister and brother in law, Pip lives an ordinary yet complicated life there until his uncle Pumblechook shows him to Miss Havisham who is an awfully strange woman with a beautiful adopted daughter named Estella. Miss Havisham is the richest woman and can often show many prejudices, raising Estella in this environment. Pip begins to live with them and falls in love with Estella who is of high socio-economic status and rejects Pip and mocks him. Miss Havisham also doesn’t accept his feelings and only supports him to become a blacksmith with his brother in law Mr Joe. Soon later...
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