Great Expectations

Topics: Happiness, Great Expectations, Miss Havisham Pages: 4 (1591 words) Published: February 26, 2013
First Quarter Book Analysis on Great Expectations


Stephen Rahimian

In Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, Pip, the main protagonist in the story, is very idealistic and yearns to become a gentleman. He wants to better himself and rise above his humble origins in hopes of winning over his love Estella. Pip is also a very kind man and cares about the ones who are close to him. However, he is also a very arrogant man, and he does not see what his arrogance costs him, until he learns that true happiness in life does not come from wealth or status.

Pip has an idealistic desire to become a gentleman, to elevate his status in life, and to impress the beautiful girl Estella who he has fallen in love with her due to her charming appearance. He demonstrates this trait on many occasions. Such as when he tells Biddy that he is “not happy as I am… I am disgusted with my calling and with my life,” and “I want to be a gentleman.” He also displays his idealism as he strives to educate himself and become “uncommon,” by having Biddy “impart all her learning to me… it appeared to me that it would take time to become uncommon… nevertheless: I resolved to try it.” He further exhibits this trait by continually trying to win over Estella even though she only gives him discomfort “everything in our intercourse did give me pain....I could put no trust in it, and build no hope on it; and yet I went on against trust and against hope.” In his idealistic desire to become a gentleman and to win over Estella he believes he will live a much happier life once his goal is achieved. Pip’s ambitiousness, however, is replaced with contentment as experience reveals to him that happiness is not gained through being a gentleman and that the true beauty of a person lies within their heart and not in their outward appearances.

Pip is also a very kind man. He displays his kindness in trying to help his friend Herbert out of debt by helping his...
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