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The country of Belgium is located in Northwestern Europe in whose central location has brought it great prosperity though trade with its neighbors. Belgium borders three important trading locations, which is what contributes to its prosperity in trade; France, the Netherlands, and Germany. Belgium is a very diverse country in which its history, government, independence, economy, location and many more facts are very interesting.

Belgium’s history is very long, detailed, and filled with wars. The country in which is now Belgium has been populated since before prehistoric times. Around 100 B.C. Celtic tribes, called Belgae, settled in the area. Julius Caesar and his Roman forces are the reason for the Belgae leaving when he defeated the Belgae around 50 B.C. This caused the area to be ruled by the Romans, and they renamed the area to Gaul. This is where new systems, such as road systems and technology, came about in the area. During the Middle Ages, Belgium was divided and fought over many times. Belgium’s location was a prime spot for soldiers and large battlegrounds during World War I and World War II. At different points in time, Belgium was part of many different large empires. Ancient Rome, Spain, Austria, France, and the Netherlands all ruled Belgium at some point. Many centuries later, Belgium finally won its Independence from the Netherlands in 1830.

Belgium does not have its own language, but does have two official languages. The two official languages in Belgium are Dutch and French. The Flemings speak Dutch and French is spoken by Walloons. German is also spoken in Belgium, but in very few locations. The people of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, speak both Dutch and French.

The Flemings and the Walloons are the main ethnic groups in Belgium and they each have their cultural differences. Belgium has been able to compromise and balance these differences to make suitable for both. About sixty percent of Belgian...
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