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September 2008

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AGROVOC Concept Server Workbench

Installation Note

The AGROVOC Concept Server (AGROVOC/CS) Workbench is a web-based working environment consisting of numerous functionalities for the distributed management and enhancement of the AGROVOC/CS built from the AGROVOC thesaurus.

Following the Semantic Web’s vision, that emphasizes collaboration in the development of data and metadata to be shared and reused across the web, the management of AGROVOC will progressively be transferred from a few individuals in FAO to a wider community of international AGROVOC experts. These interested and competent users will share the collaborative maintenance and extension of AGROVOC, one of the most frequently used terminological resources for agricultural information management in the world. Maintenance of the future extended AGROVOC will thus be completely decentralized with people worldwide contributing to its development.

This report provides a brief note on the technical aspects of the AGROVOC/CS Workbench. Technical details
• Multilingual web interface and content (UTF8).
• The software is developed in pure JAVA (version 1.5.x), with no calls to any third party modules requiring precompiled DLLs or other operating system specific features. • The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is used with an Eclipse plug-in for development of the system. It is used to build the system as a fully Java based AJAX client browser application that is compatible with all common web browsers. • Where possible the JSP 2.0 Expression Language (EL) is used for any JSP development within the project (it’s a way of writing script-less JSP pages). • Protégé OWL api framework is used to connect OWL.

• MySQL is used as RDBMS.
• The system is DBMS-independent. Additional database abstraction layer for interacting with the OWL backbone and the relational database will be used (e.g. the hibernate persistence and query service, etc.).

The system follows FAO guidelines for HTML publishing:
• Guidelines for Web site development;
• File naming convention and file organization guidelines; • Check list for the clearance of Web sites.

In summary,...
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