Behavioural Intervention at the School Cafeteria: An Analysis

Topics: Security guard, Security, Closed-circuit television Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Special Situation Analysis
This analysis was conducted at a 6th – 8th grade middle school. The analysis was conducted during each of the three lunch periods for 20 minutes each over the period of three days. The cafeteria facility is really large and doubles as an auditorium. There is a spill out area out side however it is not used in order to keep the students inside the cafeteria. There is an area in the back of the cafeteria closest to the entrance for where students that misbehave are sent to finish their lunch. In general students in the cafeteria are quite good, given the number of students that are being housed any given lunch period(about 670). Lunch lines move quickly because students use the barcode on their IDs to get their lunches. Students are then aloud to sit with their friends as long as they stay in their class row. There is a large presence of staff during each lunch. All three assistant principals, each assist in at least two lunch periods. There are also four security guards assigned to the cafeteria daily. The administrators use wireless microphones that are hooked up to the sound system in the cafeteria, and the security guards walk around the cafeteria. I have noticed that more often then not administrators and security guards use proximity and visual cues to control inappropriate behaviors. Students will sometimes stop to ask the administrators questions and they reply to them usually with the students name, which is on their ID. Many times the bullying process can be decreased through the use of good supervision. Areas of major concern, such as the lunchroom, extra curricular activities, and buses, need to have more and better supervision. These supervisors must make themselves visible at all times. Supervisors should not only be there to watch the students, but interact with them in a positive way. (Long,Alexander; 2010)

The facility is setup so that a large number of students can be accommodated rather quickly. There are four...
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