Behavioral Leadership Analysis

Topics: Management, Strike action, Leadership Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: April 17, 2013
I had a hard time determining how this article related to behavioral leadership, and how to analyze the behavioral leadership that this article talks about. The article talks largely about how labor strikes are becoming more and more popular in China. In my mind it speaks more to the consequences of poor behavioral leadership then it does about behavioral leadership itself. The leadership in these Chinese factories should be able to see the labor disputes coming and act to avoid them completely. Behavioral leadership techniques should be taught to leaders and managers in these companies in order to help them act proactively to avoid these labor disputes, instead of reactively and dealing with the disputes as they occur. The only real mention the article makes of leadership is on the second page when it refers to how senior management will agree with policies that lead to happier employees, but the mid and low level managers won't see the benefits and will end up reverting to more "dictatorial ways". This is cause that can be treated with good behavioral leadership training. The mid and low level managers can be trained to treat the employees better and to support a more employee-friendly environment.

The results of the Ohio State studies can be used to help improve the effectiveness of the leaders by teaching them to use more consideration. If the managers and leaders of these companies can show more consideration to their employees, it will help to establish trust and this will begin to diminish the need for labor strikes. If employees feel more respected and feel that they can trust the people in charge of them, they're going to be more satisfied with their jobs. Stronger trust between management and their subordinates will also encourage employees to go to their managers with concerns they have and try to resolve them that way. This can lead to employees feeling a smaller need to go straight to a labor strike to resolve concerns. It seems that Chinese...
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