Behavior and Social Learning Assessment Paper

Topics: Operant conditioning, Classical conditioning, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Behavioral and Social Learning Approach Assessment
In the continual study of personality, two additional approaches have been analyzed to find that the personality is developed also by behavioral and social learning theories. The two theories are widely alike but viewed from different perspectives. The behavioral learning theory is studied that only the observable can contribute to the personality. Attitude change, student-teacher interaction and job satisfaction are the behaviorist’s perspective of behavioral learning. The understanding of the way a person acts in their environment is the consequence of how their behavior is social learning. An analysis of the behavioral and social learning of personality will give the readers an understanding of how their own personality can relate to one of the personality approaches.

A personal study of operant conditioning, developed in the behavioral learning theory, has proven that different consequences have a hold on behavior. In this study a procedure is developed that consist of reinforcement and punishment. The reinforcement can either be positive or negative depending upon the behavior. Positive reinforcement purpose is to increase behavior with the actions of the behavior follows an award. Example, if a student studies hard for an exam and receives an A for the efforts the efforts will continue that the reward can continue. On the other hand, negative reinforcement purpose is to increase behavior also but to remove the stimulus after behavior. A pregnant woman gets heartburn every time she eats spicy food. The pregnant woman will stop having heartburn when she stops eating spicy food. To eliminate unwanted behaviors two concepts were established extinction and punishment. Extinction is not to reward the behavior and punishment is simply take way a positive stimulus for the behavior. This theory of operant conditioning is agreeable because it is found in everyday living in society. The disagreeable...

References: Burger, J. M. (2008). Personality (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.
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