Behavior and Communication of Starbucks

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Behavior and Communication of Starbucks

Starbucks the company of specialty coffee, focused on its work environment, partners, customers, and brand. This commitment to the partners in turn fosters a better line of communication, internally, and an external commitment to strong values. Organizational culture

Many companies have an innovative culture and others have an outcome-oriented culture. However, Starbucks has a culture focused on its employees (partners). Their mission is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, and one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” ( The commitment of Starbucks is to treat their partners with respect and to make it a place where they enjoy coming to work. This treatment is then passed on to the customers with the quality of the coffee it sells. How they communicate

When communication comes to mind, it must start at the top. The CEO must communicate the direction of the company effectively to everyone. In the case of Starbucks, communication starts with CEO Howard Schultz at the top, by sending out a memo to the entire company, and then the managers would follow up with their teams. This form of communication allows everyone to be a part of the same vision that he sees for the company and fosters a two-way form of communication in ideas and suggestions. On the other hand, external communication is more formal and structured. An example of external communication I found was through the Starbucks company website. It has a large amount of information about the company’s commitment to the customers and the neighborhoods surrounding the stores. The information available on the company’s website about ethic and compliance shows how each partner is to represent the company. This method of external communication allows customers to view what Starbucks considers its values and how they correlate to the mission statement. Conclusion

The commitment of treating each other with respect and making it a...

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