Beginners Guide to Essay Writing

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As many of my fellow batch mates are facing the writer’s block in completing Essay I decided to write this guide to help them, so that they can put to best use the last few days they have with their family members (current and would-be).

DISCLAIMER - First and the most important thing. This is not for those unearthly souls who want to touch that legendary upper word limit. Try to be humble and be content with 80%. It’s not that bad a number you see. This is also not for those who think it’s their god-assigned duty to find if what you are answering is what was asked. So if you are one of these, the best action you can take now with respect to this document is click the small “X” button in the top right corner of this document. This is for those poor unfortunate souls like me who want to take the bare minimum effort to achieve what is necessary, a skill that I learnt in my engineering days and improved upon in my time spent in IT industry.

So here are my tips for nailing the Essay. Some tips are very ordinary which will add a word or two per use. They are to be used to give finishing touches to your answer when you need those 20-30 words to reach the world limit. Others are more generic. Use them to build the core of your answer.

1. Acronyms are evil and making use of them is a cardinal sin and you definitely do not want to start your journey in the world of management by committing one. So avoid them. Ex. Instead of IIM Indore write Indian Institute of Management, Indore. For some acronyms you can expand and then put the acronyms in the brackets to give yourself an extra word.

2. Use the qualities of the language to your advantage. The reason why they made English have a plethora of words which mean exactly the same damn thing was because they had a premonition about Essay. Make generous, copious, lavish and abundant use of adjectives. In place of any adjective use two of three adjectives which are similar in meaning. Make use of the synonyms...
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