Becoming a Helper

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 Becoming a helper
According to the "Becoming a helper" article there are 10 motivations that lead people to get into the helping professions.(Cory and Cory). The following 8 are the ones that I feel do not capture my personal motivations the best. These 8 are as follows: The need to return a favor: I feel this need does not apply to me because; it is nice at times to have a favor returned back to you but I feel when you do something for somebody it should be from the heart and you shouldn’t be expecting them to return the favor back to you, if they do that is great but when doing somebody that favor and in the back of your mind you are saying “next time when I need something they will do it for me because I just did this for them” I don’t find that being generous and doing something because you really want to, I find this doing something because you’re expecting something back in return for it. I personally find when I do something for people and I do it generously from the heart not expecting them to give anything back to me, I feel a lot better about what I just helped that person with. Now days it seems as if it is expected from somebody to return a favor back even if the person that did them a favor is not expecting anything back, they feel like the need to return that favor. So this really does not apply to me because I don’t expect favors returned back to me, and I don’t do favors for people I just like to help people out of being generous and nice. The need for money: In this field as a social service worker I believe if your in this only because of the money and you feel like what your doing doesn’t matter and the only thing that is motivating you to keep it going is the paycheck, then I believe that this is not the right field for that, as a helper I would do tons of volunteer work and not care if I am getting paid or not because I am doing this to help those in need, and it shows that I am doing this out of the greatness of my heart and I am not...
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