Because It Is Running by

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Because It Is Running By

The story “Because It Is Running By” is about the meeting between Wil and the girl Edie. Wil lives with his mother in the country where they have their B&B to make money. They live in the kitchen and rent the living room out. Wil’s mother hires the girl Edie over the summer to help with the B&B. This story is about the fact that people always have the dilemma whether to stay or leave. Wil decides to hang about in the safe environment, where nothing changes. He is scared to follow his true dreams. The easiest way will always be to stay…

The story takes place in England in the country on a farm, and the story could be today, which makes sense since Jo Lloyd wrote the short story in 2009. It is in the country but it is not far from a town because they have to shop their groceries to the B&B, and have a drink in the bar. The story “Because It Is Running By” is written in a third person narrator where Wil is the narrator and the main character. The narrator is limited omniscient, as we sometimes can read Wil’s mind, but the narrator is limited because we can only see Wil’s thoughts and not any others. It is chronological, although he has some flashbacks several times and it begins in media-res, because it begins with the arrival of Edie and end with her departure. The environment is very simple described, there is no detailed description, but Wil and his mother are from the lower class, because they have the B&B as the last resort.

There is a very big contrast between the two main characters, Wil and Edie. Wil lives in a safety environment on the farm, which symbolizes the old values. Before his father died of cancer when he was sixteen, their family travelled in their caravan and therefor is the caravan a symbol of adventure and dreams. Now the caravan is old and stands on the same place. The caravan changes to a symbol of broken dreams instead of what it was before....
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