Beauty Products

Topics: Cosmetics, Celebrity, Beyoncé Knowles Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Shilo Kumpf
English 101, 12:40-1:40

Beauty Products

Dry skin is no fun, try this lotion out and your skin will

never be dry again. A lot of ads for beauty products will have girls in the

Pictures that have flawless faces and their eyes are perfect there skin looks

like it has never seen a pimple before. What I see a lot of is

“clinically proven”. “ Smoother firmer skin as well”. These are just

a couple of sayings that I see a lot of in these ads. You see it for

lotions and foundations as well. Looking at Ads can be deceiving I think.

As I flip through my People, Elle, and Lucky

magazines I,am noticing certain things that catch my attention. The flashy

pictures showing the product on Taylor Swift, Pink, and other celebrities.

They use a lot of celebrities in these ads, making people think that it will

work cause they see their favorite celebrity is using the product. I see a

Origins ad and it says “clinically proven to heal dry skin”, along with

“Keeping your skin hydrated for a full 48hrs”. In this picture it shows a

plant of some sort and some water for the hydrating part. Then is goes into a

short summary of what the product can do for your skin telling you that your

skin could be dry because it’s lacking a molecule that their product carries.

Do you think the product really works? Or are they just trying to get you to

buy their product? Just because you see the flashy picture and the celebrity

you think to yourself, yes it will work.

As I look in the magazines I come across more beauty

products that have more celebrities telling you that one bottle help it all,

smoother face, no more lines covers evenly. Again you see that flawless

face the perfect eyes and you think that their product works cause if Ellen or

Taylor Swift uses it then it works. Covergirl, how many people actually use

it? A lot of people probably use it cause again they...
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