Beauty Contest Exploits Then Empower Women

Topics: Beauty, Beauty contest, Woman Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: April 24, 2013
People in these days tend to look at exterior beauty than interior beauty. What is beauty one can ask? Beauty is the enlightenment of the inner soul portrait as a mixture of culture, character, custom, intellect and presentation. In the contrast, beauty contest mainly asses at the external beauty only such as looks, style and presentation. This is in line with the general conception that beauty contest does more harm in exploitation to any individuals then empowering them as it can reduce the dignity of womanhood, projects that beauty is about exterior looks and it’s a deceitful medium to deceive the youth about beauty.

First and for most, beauty contest reduces the dignity of womanhood. Woman or contestants that participate in a beauty contest would somehow rather expose to nudity. Contestant would freely display their nudity in order to move forward or complete their task to move to the next round. Besides that, it also breaks families apart by making some men feeling dissatisfied by their wife’s beauty. This makes men to be more prejudice about the looks of their wife or wife to be look. If everyone wants their spouse to be the good looking ones, what would the rest do? Dignity of women are threaten in beauty contest as it brings the fore fact that women will always be used and viewed as an ornament to be dressed up and showed off. For example, most of the contestant in a beauty pageant apply heavy makeup and put on attire that are body hugging that will make them more attractive to others. They also make middle age women as mutton dress as a lamb. It also forces women to conform to standards of beauty that few are able to obtain and they overall attractiveness is surveyed before a panel of judges and the women conduct themselves in a way to please the audience. While it’s really enjoyable and a natural thing to enjoy look at beautiful things, the overall message that it projects is a negative impact to neither audience nor contestant.

Secondly, beauty...
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