Beautiful Boy

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One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing you helped someone. There are so many professions in the world that evolves helping people, such as: doctors’, nurses and direct care. Counseling also comes to mind. Counseling is a great way to give another individual security. Your words can help someone make it though the day. There are three major factors that counselors hold close to them: confidently, honesty and trust.

Confidentially builds a great relationship , between a counselor and their client. The knowledge of knowing, their personal life is not being broadcast is confident to them. People have a more comfortable feeling knowing their personal life isn’t being share. there are ethical codes a counselor must follow, or they would be fired.

Honesty is also a big part of counseling. Clients don’t like when they feel lied to, they feel like they are being cheated. Honesty can make a client feel: accepted, understood and respected. It’s a counselor job to help their client feel that way. We all know that honesty is the best policy.

Trust is what makes a client open up to you. Without trust you have nothing. Counselors have to come up with techniques, to get their clients to trust them. Trust opens up so many doors, it can also help people who suffer with trust issues. Clients find when they trust their counselor ,they find it easy to start trusting their family.

A counselor job may seam: hard, difficult ,and time consuming. I believe it is worth it. To know you have help someone who came to you, is a feeling that only you can receive and accept. Weather you’re a counselor or not, maybe you’re a teacher who has not only helped one student ,but the whole class,isnt that a feeling only you can enjoy?.
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