Beat the System !

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One advantage to online learning is the convenience of easy access to information and resources online. However, accessible information also increases the risk of students copying content from credible sources and not producing work that is their own. Turnitin is an effective tool made available and encouraged to be used by Instructors to manage and ensure that students' DropBox submissions are original and not plagiarized. An Originality Report feature allows an Instructor to view what percentage of content in a student submission is not original. The Instructor will enable or disable Turnitin. Assignments request conceptual and critical thinking that should be supported and rewarded (Grading Guidelines) by referencing additional supportive research from outside sources and using citation to support views. Some students routinely use outside sources, some do not. Grading Guideline resources in our course inform students exactly what I am looking for and how you will be graded. One requirement of Grading Guidelines is using citation to support points. If you do not cite the use of other work, it is plagiarism. Assignments – Using Turnitin

Turnitin will be enabled in the Dropbox menu when in use. When Turnitin is enabled for an assignment, the Turnitin settings icon displays. You should not have to download any software, but must submit your assignment in a supported file type. Assignments are automatically reviewed by Turnitin. Various distinctive icons support assignment submissions. (See Help > Turnitin for more information) § - Submission in Progress. The system is actively processing your submission. Refresh the page after a few minutes. § - Originality Report. The Originality Report is available to view. § - Unsupported File Type. The submitted file is not supported by the system. Supported file types include: MS Word, Text, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Postscript, HTML, Word...
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