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Be Yourself, Be Original
10302 Yein Kang 강예인
​People nowadays tend not to be themselves. They prefer typical ideas, typical goals, and typical paths. They believe that the appropriate way to evaluate a person is to look at his or her grade and that the best way to success is to become a doctor as their parents tell them. I recently watched a movie called . In fact, I watched it repeatedly after I realized a meaningful message that travelled straight to my mind. One of the university students in the Imperial College of Engineering, Farhan Qureshi has passion for wildlife photography, but studies engineering to live up to his father's wishes. His future has been all determined by his father ever since he was born at the hospital. Like most of the people, he unintentionally loses his own identity and has no opportunity to distinguish himself from others. Unlike Farhan’s father, I believe in being myself. I recommend you to be yourself. Just be you and be creative. Don’t be afraid even though you don’t seem to fit in with the ‘cool’ crowd. Be proud to have a sense of individuality.

​Being myself became an article of my creed after watching the movie. To share this motto, I created a website for young students exploring their future careers. It provides classes in fields of extracurricular activities, preparation of entrance examination, and job experiences. My purpose of opening the website was to guide students the way to express their own strong points by providing mentoring lectures. I did not want to let students confide to the social norms that judge them by their degrees. Instead, I definitely believed that it was necessary to discover the uniqueness of themselves and decide their special careers. I have uploaded approximately 80 lectures in the website in order to help the students make their identities inimitable and original. I was also the one who participated in lecturing by delivering contents about the effective methods for interviews. Based on my...
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