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Each one of us is holding a different seed which will grow into a flower and if you give it important nutrition, your flower will bloom into your own personality.

Think about a flower garden, it is beautiful because of the different kinds of flowers in it, but if there’s only one kind, the garden will be dull. So there’s no need to compare, you’ll grow into your own flower.

People are always comparing others because of their ability, character or looks. They think if two things are different, one has to be better than another. Imagine how boring it would be if we were all the same. We need to recognise each other’s uniqueness and accept people for who and what they are. Differences are important and they should be respected.

For example, many important people throughout history were considered different, such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Peter Chikovski and Abraham Lincoln. They did great things and they didn’t let people get in their way.

I consider myself different from a lot of people, and I’m sure a lot think I’m weird too. I am loud and see myself as being a little hyperactive at times, but it doesn’t mean I’m better than someone who is quiet and shy. I have a lot of dislikes; for example, with food, I hate pork sausages, with sports I don't like swimming, and as a girl, one would think I would love going shopping, but I don’t. However, the worst thing for me was when I was continually teased in junior school. People always had a lot to say about my looks, my humour, or my beliefs. Having to deal with this as often as I did, I sometimes felt very rejected and lonely. As I was going through all this, I sometimes felt the need to change to be accepted and often asked why I had to be like this.

But as I have matured, I have realised that God made me as unique as each and every one of you. I have learned that what others think of you is not nearly as meaningful as what you think of yourself and that it is better to be hated for who you...
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