Be Proactive

Topics: Goal, Time, Term Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Personal goals

I strongly believe that a career doesn’t just start after you graduate. In fact it can start even before you start studying. Also a degree isn’t that important to me, the reason I’m doing a study mainly is because I want to learn more about doing international business, different cultures and get my English to the next level. My short term goals:

-Since I sold my company in June I challenged myself to start 10 new company’s before the end of 2014. I’m on the count of 3 now, they don’t have to be profitable or a great success but I have to be able to learn something and gain more entrepreneurial experience. -Get a room in Utrecht. I live in Wageningen now which is about 1,5 hours by train, bus and bike so I’d safe a lot of viable time when I live in Utrecht. Long term goals:

-I want to do an abroad internship by I company I truly admire. This will probably be quite hard since my main goal will be to follow a internship at Virgin headquarters and I’ll probably not be the only one. -Be an inspiring entrepreneur is my all-time long term goal. I love to inspire people who are open for something new. I love working with these people and help each other reach the next level. My main goals aren’t to get a job or a degree but mostly to create awesome ones and basically help people become a person they actually want to be with the job they actually want to do.
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