Battleship Pottemkin

Topics: Film, Film editing, The Battleship Potemkin Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: August 23, 2011
Battleship Potemkin

Watching movie is one of the most essential elements for recreation and learning through in to an interesting way. Moreover, it’s also my passion to watch movie. Basically I would like to watch classical movie which is the basement of contemporary movie. So, I like Battleship Potemkin which was directed by Sergei Eisenstein for its historical value of story, visualization of this movie and editing. The movie “Battleship Potemkin” has a historical value within it. The story of Battleship Potemkin is based on naval revaluation in Russia in 1905. Some of the historian said that was the basic level of October revaluation which is also known as Russian revaluation in 1917. That was the revaluation against expiation of the government at that time. The labor of the ship was exploited by the higher ranking officer and the corruption of higher ranking officer was the shadow of government, which was also known as Jar. And the labor and low ranking officer decided to make a movement to protect the corruption of government and after that people of the Russia became the part of this revaluation. The most interesting part of this movie is visualization with a new dimension. There were so many differences from other movies. Visualization of this movie was more advanced and beautifully poetic. More than ten thousand people were acting as extra. That was so fascinating to watch the movement and the angel of the camera. The power of the visualization was so effective that it would not make any trouble to understand the movie though it was a silent movie. Editing of this movie became a remarkable part in the history of cinema, because this movie introduced montage for the first time in history. Montage is a style of editing in which juxtaposed of two shots make another meaning. There is a scene called “Odessa Steps” became most frequent scene of all time. This movie taught us how to edit the cinema by using grammar. After this movie montage became so...
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