Battle of Trafalgar

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Alexander Honegger
A2, History
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Mr. Ronan
Battle of Trafalgar
Dear mom,
As you know, the battle of Trafalgar has recently taken place. This major victory over the French had taken place October 20, 1805. We were under the command of a very brilliant man, Admiral Nelson. The battle was mainly between the British Royal Navy against the fleet of France and Spain. When we first approached the fleet ship, I have to admit mother, I was a bit scared noticing the line of French ships as they had one more ship than us. Never the less, I sucked it up and remembered why I was here, To bring home a British victory and obey commands of Admiral Nelson.

On the 20th, our fleet had a precise location of the Franco-Spanish fleet, the most powerful fleet on the French side, but never engaged the ship until later on at midnight. During the night, Nelson explained to us our orders and the plan to defeat the French. His plan was yet brilliant and tactical and would play out well in the battle. The British fleet would divide into two lines and cut the France-Spanish fleet in three. The Van will then be isolated from the action and Nelson's 27 ships would attack the mid and rear lines. He also warned us that there would be a 20 minute time period when the British ships would not be able to fire back. Knowing this, our crew still had confidence in Nelson's plan.

When the ships had first started firing, Nelson had positioned me firing cannons on the right side of the ship. I have to say, it wasn't an easy job at all. As French troops were moving in on us, the artillery crew had to work twice as fast. It was a truly terrible sight mother as a soldier because you couldn't tell whether or not you would get hit. Bracing ourselves for the worst, we continued to fight on according to Admiral Nelson's plan.

During the battle, French ships began to set fire at men exposed on the upper deck. A musket shot had hit Nelson, knocking him to the ground and breaking his back....
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