Battle of Sexes

Topics: Female, Male, Sex Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Battle of the Sexes: Are Females Really Smarter Than Males
“I’m smarter than you!” says little Jimmy. “No you’re not! I’m totally way smarter than you,” replies little Susie. When you were a kid, there was always an argument about who’s more intelligent: females or males. The conversations get more intense with age; soon you’ll see yourself at 30 years old arguing at a dinner party about the issue. Well, it has always been said that girls are smarter than boys, but there just wasn’t much evidence to support this statement, until now. There have been many studies done on this theory of females in general, being smarter than the typical males. You can not say that you have never thought about the subject of the matter, that is one sex naturally brighter than other. Eighth graders all over the country were tested and their test scores were analyzed by a Washington D.C testing center. The Center on Education Policy (CEP) discovered that in reading, boys did not outperform girls in any state and in any achievement level -- whether it was the basic, proficient or advanced level (Humphrey). However in the state of Alabama girls outperformed the boys in both subjects. While 80 percent of girls in Alabama's eighth grade classes passed the reading portion of the Reading and Mathematics Test, only 68 percent of the boys did (Philips). In math the gap was cut in half: 71 percent of girls passed, compared to 65 percent of boys (Philips). The CEP study notes on the test scores, were compiled from 2002 through 2008, they included at least three years of comparable test data for each particular subject, grade and achievement level. One of the reasons why girls are said to be smarter than boys is because they are the ones who usually listens and follows the teacher’s instructions. Females are said to have the will to learn early because they have an interest in reading at a very early age. With boys it is different because they have to be motivated to read with violent and...
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